December 15

An Accents Family Christmas!

Today we bring you a smattering of musical holiday cheer. We know you’re all probably sick of hearing Christmas songs on the radio, in the mall, in the office, etc., but we hope you’ll carve out a little time for some special renditions we’ve put together. Since 2010, Accents has had the pleasure of being a part of a holiday compilation called “Regifted”. This year, in lieu of a new volume of that compilation, we are bringing you a special collection called An Accents Family Christmas. It is an ever-expanding holiday collection that features a variety of classics, moderns, and songs from children’s Christmas movies, with 9 of our favorites from the “Regifted” series, as well as one brand new recording from 2014.

We’ve partnered with NoiseTrade on this collection, and will be giving 100% of the proceeds to Make-A-Wish Foundation – the album is pay what you want so you also have the option of downloading for free.

The full album can be downloaded at The full track listing is below:

1) Baby, Please Come Home (originally performed by Darlene Love)
2) How the Grinch Folked Christmas (from How the Grinch Stole Christmas)
3) Mele Kalikimaka (traditional)
4) One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas (from The Muppets’ Christmas Carol)
5) Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (traditional)
6) Snowmiser/Heatmiser (from A Year Without a Santa Claus)
7) Christmas Tree (originally performed by Lady Gaga)
8) Mistletoe (originally performed by Justin Bieber)
9) Up On the Rooftop (traditional)
10) All Alone on Christmas (originally performed by Darlene Love)

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December 4

The Autumn Sessions, Part 4

Happy December! Hopefully you’ve all been busy eating advent calendar chocolates and trying not to fall off ladders while hanging lights from your gutters just as we have. Today we bring you the fourth installment of our Autumn Sessions series, which is a performance of our song “Storms” off the 2012 debut. We performed it in front of an awesome little waterfall, and Jordan tried not to slip and fall as he had about a square foot of room to stand in for this one. We hope you enjoy what you hear and see – this was beautifully shot by Justin Stewart and Dave Carta (as they all have been) and this one in particular is our favorite from a scenery standpoint. Kudos to them! As always, you can check it out on our YouTube page or by clicking “VIDEO” to the right.

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November 27

The Autumn Sessions, Part 3

Well, we might be a day late, but you can thank technology for that one. We are pleased to bring you the third installment of “The Autumn Sessions” video series. The song is “Los Angeles,” and it’s always been a collective favorite of ours to play live. Not necessarily surrounded by a lot of wind and pollen but… generally speaking. Enjoy the video over at our YouTube page or by clicking on the “Video” link to the right.

We also want to take this time to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are very grateful for a lot of things this year, one of them certainly being all of the support and kindness you’ve shared with us.

Be good to each other – the world needs more love in it.

TJ, Lauren and Jordan

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November 12

The Autumn Sessions, Part 1

Well folks, it’s mid-November and you know what that means… For TJ, it means flu-season. But for all of you out there with better immune systems, it simply means the autumn days are getting shorter, but lucky for us, it’s still autumn. Our favorite season.

This year we wanted to do something special. We all feel that there’s a huge correlation between the music we love and the time of year. Autumn’s soundtrack always seems to be the best. The most refreshing. The most introspective. We wanted to take that ideology and apply it to our own music. Unplug completely and capture something completely raw while at the same time, highlight the beautiful autumn landscape of upstate New York. Each week for the next 6 weeks, we will be releasing a new performance, each of which filmed in a different location throughout the course of one gorgeous autumn day. This is Accents at our most intimate and bare, and we are excited to close out the season (and the year) with this series. The first video, for our song “Down Down Down,” is now up for your viewing pleasure. You can view it by clicking “Video” to the right, or by visiting our YouTube page at

TJ, Lauren and Jordan

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November 4

New Release: Small Tales

Today, we are excited to bring you the latest installment in the Accents discography, Small Tales. (Get it?) Deep Elm Records is releasing this 5-song EP as a Name-Your-Price download over at You can also hear it on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, and all other standard platforms. Here’s a little background on the EP:

With the exception of “Underwater,” all these songs were written and recorded during the Tall Tales sessions. They are also the final recordings with Matt and Ben holding down the rhythm section. “Underwater” is a track from the Growth and Squalor days which some of you may have already heard, and like the rest of that album, was recorded solely by TJ and Ben while living multiple states apart. Our goal while recording Tall Tales was to save a few songs for a special release like this to close out the amazing year we have had, thanks mostly to all of you.

We have been told this EP is like the portrait of a middle-age, single man deciding which road to take for his future. And while that may not have been our intention when writing these five songs, this is exactly why we love writing music so much. We love that songs can have different interpretations to different people. We love the undeniable connection one can have to a specific song or lyric. So rather than give you the meaning behind each one, we hope you’ll find your own while listening.

Love and gratitude to all of you for supporting and consuming our music in any way. Stay tuned – we have a lot more to come, including a special weekly feature starting next week that will take us all the way through to the end of the year.

TJ, Lauren and Jordan

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